Today Since the pandemic times, Online Japanese Language Classes are also conducted as a substitute to the offline Japanese Language classes. You may think it difficult But once you take a FREE ONLINE Japanese language trial class at Nihongomax you will feel that it is not difficult to learn Japanese online at all. That’s because the pattern of NIHONGOMAX Online Japanese Course completely resembles to that of offline. The next question of many Japanese language beginners is that Japanese is a tough language in itself. This is a myth for we Indians who know Hindi because Japanese is completely different from English, and Thats why it is difficult for native English speakers such as Americans or Europeans. But for Hindi speakers it is very easy to catch the basic structure and learn grammar because it completely resembles Hindi. Moreover at Nihongomax Japanese Language institute located in Delhi, Both Offline and Online Japanese Language Classes are provided in a readily and easily understandable format. Once you take a FREE trial class, you will understand the flow of Japanese Language class and basics about learning Japanese Language and making a nice career out of it.