About Japanese Language Study

About Nihongomax Online Japanese Language Study Fees

Besides many other things, Nihongomax is famous for its three qualities.
1. Fastest Online Curriculum
2. Lowest Online Fees
3. Best JLPT Results

Lowest Online Costs incurred
We understand the heart of a student in current times. By our experience we know that the cost charged at any other place be it online or offline is bit high compared to their services offered. So we charge the Online Japanese Language Fees even lesser than the inexpensive offline courses.

Great environment
There is no time waste regarding the starting and continuation of Online Japanese Course from NIHONGOMAX. A good environment means Teachers' compatibility, audio and visual sessions, the comfort of students and making a complete understanding about courses is our priority.

Reason of Best JLPT results
At NIHONGOMAX every student is cared by the teacher for its performance and doubts regularly so as to keep up the motivation alive. They keep letting you know when and what is required.

Fastest Curriculum Offered
There is an instant start-up with everything like course schedule, components and tests explained by our experienced teachers once you are agreed after the trial class.

Learn Japanese Online

Learn Japanese in institute OR online from Nihongomax, the best Japanese language institute in Delhi. There are many online courses well crafted as per the need of Japanese language students studying Japanese all over India. There are students who study Online Japanese Course and make their career in less than 20 months studying by a innovative approach and Material from Nihongomax Japanese language institute. We give all the choices of selecting the online Japanese time slot comfortable according to the students’ personal schedule that help sessions to supplement their growth. Also the Japanese video and audio sessions from starting day help students getting accustomed with the JLPT listening questions that come from the very beginners’ level. Nihongomax also give rewards to the students for good performance in course. To know more about Nihongomax institute, Click on NIHONGOMAX.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Nihongomax Online Japanese Language

Understand Why Nihongomax is Best.

Best Japanese Online Classes
Nihongomax gives you a clear picture about the Online JLPT training system and explantion about the necessary parts of Japanese language Material like comprehension passages (Dokkai), Listening (Chokai), Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary. Since we understand the difficulties of students in current times we take due care while explaining all the stuff clearly and timely.

Best Online Trainers
All the teachers and counsellers that conduct Nihongomax Japanese Language Online Courses have a reputation of being expert in guidance and having good behavior that gives a comfort level to the students making a complete understanding about courses and asking their doubts without hesitation.

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