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Online JLPT courses

Online JLPT courses from Nihongomax gives you an ample knowledge of clearing not only JLPT but even NAT exam with good percentage of marks and that opens the doors for jobs in the field of Japanese language for a student to become a professional for example Japanese language translator or Japanese language interpreter or Japanese language coordinator or even on the higher post of management in Japanese companies and Japanese MNCs. Clearing JLPT which is conducted by Japanese government, ensures that a Japanese language student has been certified on the parameters of Japan Foundation in terms of proficiency in Japanese language. Nihongomax by giving a comprehensive experience of JLPT to the Japanese language students ensures their success and hence paves a way of their future growth. By studying Online JLPT, a student gets the maximum knowledge of Japanese language in a minimum time and cost without commutation hassle. Also there is a certificate of completion provided after each Online JLPT course so that the hours of study are certified in case there is a requirement of Japan Study Visa application or a likewise case.

Learn Japanese Online

Online Japanese Language Classes from Nihongomax particularly for JLPT are conducted every weekend and on selected days of weekdays. For details you can contact on 7678461209 or 7805092279 and get all the necessary details regarding the timings of Online Japanese Language Classes, Fees and other necessary details about the new or upcoming Online Japanese language batches. Not only this, you can now register yourself for a FREE trial class and get an experience of how Japanese language is formed and how to study and become successful in a shorter time. All online Japanese classes from NIHONGOMAX are conducted as per the promised schedule and before starting, a brief introduction about the flow of the class is given to every student for the clarity about speed and length of the course for a particular level of Online JLPT be it N5, N4, N3, N2 or N1.

About Japanese Language Study
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Hundreds of Kanji/Vocabuary is studied with sentences examples like this.


Japanese Greetings, HIRAGANA, KATAKANA、~がほしい、~たい、~にいく、~てもいいです、 ~てはいけない、たform、~たことがあります、たり~たりします、~くなる、になる
Around 80 Grammar Patterns and particles etc. like these are studied.


Japanese Audio
Around 100 Japanese JLPT Audio Listening is Practiced.


Around 100 Japanese JLPT Unseen passages much longer than these are solved.


Learn Japanese Online

Learn Japanese Online to get a dual benefit of cost and time

Let’s understand the benefits first
All Japanese lanaguage students today know the benefits of learning Japanese language with the modern world shifting to learn stuff online, to Learn Japanese Online has now become a new trend. There is a benefit of cost and time along with the benefit of making your career that is a long run career and that can not only give you experience of working in MNCs but also getting high salaries and a chance to travel abroad.

So where to start from?
To start Online Japanese Course, make sure you first gain all the knowledge about how Japanese language is made and how it can be learnt faster or what are the varoius parts of Online Japanese Course to focus upon. To get all this information, get a FREE trial class from Nihongomax by calling 7678461209 or by simply clicking REGISTER. Also everything is told on with example classes. Go and use them.

About Comprehension (Dokkai) & Listening (Chōkai)
Many students take time to understand very simple thing to change their study ways, there are few tricks how listening or reading can be made faster. Or how one can solve JLPT questions fast within the time limit given.

About Japanese Language Study
About Japanese Language Study

Online Japanese Language Classes are NOT difficult

You must have heard people saying Japanese is a difficult Language

OMG! First... Japanese is difficult.... Second, Online Japanese Course? No way... Now from above it may seem dreadful and scary. But by our years of experience giving answers about all the myths and scare generated by the old and wrong ways of learning Japanese language, we assure students that if correct ways are followed with patience and perseverance, Learning Japanese language and building successful career in it is not at all difficult.

So why is it said that Japanese is difficult?
It is said by English speakers since the pattern of Japanese is entirely different from English. But for people of India, Since Japanese language patterns resemble to that of Hindi, it is extremely easy because sentences in Japanese are constructed completely like Hindi.

What about Japanese Script?
Yes, The script of Japanese Language is a little hard to learn. That’s where Nihongomax has the innovative ways to teach it from the start till end. Also the division and a well structured course material is there to make it easily comprehendible. You can count on us without worrying.